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Smile Got Mine!

Got mine in the mail about a month ago...Just when I was struggling to change my stock Trex 600 tail gear box out to the updated 550/600 tail gear case this little tool came along. A bit pricey but worth the $$$$ as I was set back up in just minutes.

Trex 600NSP -TT Redline 53 / CY MP5 / 3x HS-7940THs @ HV/ HS-5065MG throttle / HS-65MG on Carbsmart / BLS251 Tail/ SG ReactorX2 Regulator / Mikado V-Bar Blueline 5 Pro / Switchglo Pro / JR X9303 / CYE Radix FBL 600 Mains / CYE 95mm Tail

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