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Default who runs governor with your 250?

I have almost 60 flights on my copterX, and almost 40 of these flights were just hovering
inside or in my backyard adjusting the tail trying to make it not wag.

In the past I avoided governor modes since they often induced tail wag. Just for grins I
enabled governor mode on my 250 (3300rpm in normal mode, 3500rpm idle1, and 3700rpm idle2).
All of a sudden, my tail wag was drastically reduced. I was running my gyro (ltc2100) at 30%
and was still getting wag. With governor enabled, I got a similar wag at 60% gain, but almost
no wag at 50%. (For comparison, I run my 4g6 at 90%, diablo-450 at 60% (also a ltc2100 gyro)).

Perhaps the rotating mass of the 250 is light enough that tail pitch changes affects the instantaneous
rpm, and inducing tail wag, and the governor somehow manages to keep a steady rpm for the tail
servo/gyro to do their job?

Whatever the theory, I may not get to fly it outside for a few days since the forecast is for rain, rain, and
more rain.
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