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Originally Posted by ahahn View Post

I am always amazed at the misperception that a lot of guys have about their pitch curves. They don't seem to understand that a constant 85-85-85-85 or 100-100-100-100 (or choose the favorite value) doesn't give a constant rpm (no governor).

I think a lot is that they just don't understand how an electric motor works--or even a good governor. I will say that the electric motor is a lot simpler than a glow setup. To some extent the reason is that electric has made heli's a lot simpler than they were in the "good" old glow days.

Just my 2 cents, and I don't really mean to be putting anyone down.--Honestly!
flat curve with no gov. I don't recommend. Yes there are a few people here running with that setup. However I run a small v curve with no gov.

This topic has been discussed before, allow me to shed some light. The V-curve

But i'm willing to try out Ah Clems "U" curve, I hope it's good. Thank you Ah Clem.
Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?
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