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Originally Posted by flyinfool View Post
My best guess is that that is a Cox TeeDee .020 engine.
Output of around 25,000 RPM.
I have seen a throttled version of that engine.
Cox did once upon a time make a free flight heli with a Peewee .020 for power, It had a 4 blade rotor of around 16 inch dia. The Peewee had a lot less power than the Teedee.

This might actually be feasible.
Other than the Picco Z I blame that heli for my addiction!

I got one for christmas back in 1998 at a "JR" in Burlington NC.

Had a tiny nitro engine. The blades didn't really create the lift. It is similiar to the "Twirly Bird" RC heli from the 70s. It had a small prop connected to it and the engine rotated with the larger rotors. The rotors were there to autorotate for landing. Thing was a BLAST! I was 13 at the time I think. I thought Id be smart and tape some pennies to the nose and put way too much nitro in it and BYE BYE she went!

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