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There is no real technical problem regarding this isue.

The only thing is that on microbeast we do limit the servoimpulse output range less than MKS is doing on (maybe only some of) their servos, and some servos might switch off themself when driven on a out of range area. Don't understand this wrong, this is not a servo fault, it can simply be prevented during setup.

At beastx we discussed for many times about limiting the servorange to don't be able run into that situation on MKS servos but decided not to do that as when using other servo brands this would limit the possibility on having a better range.

If you follow the microbeast manual, there you can read the following (manuel version 2 on page 51)

"For adjustment proceed in the following way:
Carefully move the sticks for aileron, elevator and pitch to all maximum end points and watch out if the swashplate, the linkage rods or servos are binding somewhere or even getting not more driven."

Here i mean the last sentence "... or even getting not more driven." ,this was written to address this isue.

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