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agony,agony,agony! the trex250 wag is killing me! there isn't a single solution that i dint try!....sometimes the wag is there and sometimes not!....though am a newbie(about 4 months into this hobby), i've spent 2 months tweaking this crap! i just dont get it... one minute theres a violent wag and the next minute its not there!and sometimes a slow wag! am confident that the gp780 is not the problem!the only things not tried are-
-new gyro
-microheli tail
-bigger servo
guys pleeeeaaassseee help me out to get this damn thing to fly neat! can't afford a new servo or gyro right now....though i have a new hk 401 lying around' which i feel is going to make the heli heavier...desperately looking for solutions! jr290g/gp780 on the tail
If the wag isnt continuous can it be an electrical/esc issue? or is it mechanical?
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