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Looks good Bizarro... er sorry, DR! Bizarro... Not sure just how beneficial the MIA stuff is, nearly anyone I've seen that's gotten it (not EVERYone but close) suggests it really isn't worth it To each his own, if you like it do it I found one of the better things I did with my SR was to put 450 landing gear on it. Gives a bit wider and sturdier base to land on. Put some stiffer dampers in the head with a couple extra shims and throw that aluminum swash that your talking about on there (to prevent the separations) and I don't really see a TON of other stuff that will really "improve" the SR a whole lot more than that. Some tail mods have been attempted and changed and messed with some more and $$ sunk into it but really? I flew My SR all the time and always used it with a stock tail. I learned to fly and now have a Blade 400, Trex 450 and Trex 500. Once you learn to fly, the SR will not be enough for you. I'm not saying that assumingly, it's pretty much fact lol! This hobby will have you soooooo hooked once you get the hang of it that before you know it, you'll want another, and another, and another.... you get the idea. Have fun and welcome to the CP heli realm! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, lots of help here on the freak
Blade 500x, Trex 500xt, just back after some time off. You don't ever really QUIT helis do you??
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