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Default Nitro Engine Tuning 101

WOW.... what an opportunity!

This was just a flying day last Sunday and I came out to the field and Tim Jones was testing the new undertesting YS 1.20 engine and a pipe he is helping them design. So.... I shot a video and while he was tuning the engine we both thought "long over due"!!!! An engine tuning video was in order! It's been asked for many times and what better opportunity then from a great pilot like Tim. So we just shot video RAW uncut and live! Seriously guys this was just 1 to 1 how it came to be.

So you get 2 things out of this videos series.
1) You get to see the "Nitro BEAST" and testing of the YS 120 engine
2) A full blown by a "Pro" engine tuning 101 which I think is the best outcome of this weekend and Tim agrees!

So no more hype.... lets go with the videos!

So it worked out this way and the videos are in 5 segments. The "foggy" YS flight, "lets do an engine tuning video", and then a final show off of the new YS120 under test!
My god folks... I have to tell you this was like finding a gold mine both for a new product intro and getting a guy that knows what he is talking about to show you all how to tune an engine!

OK on with the show! FYI all these videos are in HD as I felt this was need to show the details.

This first video was just me shooting Tim testing the YS120 on a Sunday FOGGY morning. BUT this video led to something much more relevant to you all... Well at least I hope it did

Video Link ->Nitro Tuning 101 - INTRO and Tim's "Foggy Flight" (139 Megs)

As the day changed from wet and FOGGY to sunny and warm, Tim and I both got the idea... "Nitro tuning video!" So here it starts!

Video Link ->Nitro Tuning 101 - Part 1 - The basics of tuning an engine (185 Megs)

Video Link ->Nitro Tuning 101 - Part 2 - Bench Talk (102 Megs)

Video Link ->Nitro Tuning 101 - Part 3 - Finding the "Sweet Spot" or Pro tuning (142 Megs)

OK this last video is Tim showing off the new YS 120. Well... testing it anyway Like the INTRO and this video, Tuning is the topic. BUT this shows you the YS 120 and how it will effect Nitro helis and the future! It's A BEAST like I have never seen a Nitro perform before!

Video Link -> Showing off the new YS 120 with "Tuning Talk" (150 megs)

Summary; Tim is an awesome pilot and I cant thank him enough for allowing ME to shoot video of him testing the YS 120 and then realizing an educational opportunity to teach many how to tune an engine! Seriously! RAW an uncut.... Thats the way I like it and Tim does as well.

I hope you all get some enjoyment and education from this series. As always ASK questions and let me know if there is something I did not cover you would like to see... OH.. FYI, do not ask me or Tim for a LEAN RUN video. Neither of us are willing to burn out an engine

Enjoy and Happy Flying,

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