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And what to think about this quote ?

In a nutshell, the lithium batteries have 3 components which make them work. A cathode, made out of either lithium, manganese, and oxygen, or lithium, cobalt, and oxygen, an anode made out of lithium and carbon held in a semi-liquid state, and a separator between the two made of a special polymer soaked with a conductive electrolyte. A chemical reaction between the cathode, anode, and electrolyte causes electrons to flow, giving us electricity.

The typical cause of puffiness is either age, or abuse (or a combo of the two.) As the cells are used, the anode naturally degrades, producing oxygen and leaving the Lithium and other element in a useless state. In addition, as usage goes along, the cathode slowly starts to produce metallic lithium. The oxygen produced by the anode bonds to the metallic lithium produced by the cathode, again limiting cell usability, and creating lithium "rust." However, the anode produces oxygen faster then the cathode produces metallic lithium for it to bond to. This means that the oxygen has nowhere to go, and pressurizes the cell, making it puff out.

BTW Jerry, almost all my packs start puffing near the end of their lifecycle, no matter what brand. So I guess what's mentioned above could make sense ?
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