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Originally Posted by jpinn View Post
I just fitted my KDE tail upgrade last night. One thing I noticed was that if I tighten down on the long screw that goes through the metal mount and through the bearing part of the tail link then the whole assembly gets noticeably tight. I therefore backed off the screw ever so slightly and made sure to apply locktite. This way everything is free and there is no slop. Does this sound like the right way to do it?
After the binding issue with the bronze sleeve bushing I run into the exact same issue. ^^
Tighten the long socket head screw = binding the whole assembly.

I love this upgrade on my 500 but for the 450 I can't recommend it.
This is from my personal experience.

Just my 2ct.

Edit: I choose the refund route. Thx KDE for taking care of this.
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