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Thanks MrMel for your great work as always
I have upgraded and gov configured my 2 nitro birds already thanks to you, will test fly in a few hours.

One thing worth noting that I didn't see in the vids is that when you configure throttle servo (or ESC endpoints I guess) using the collective channel in the setup II make sure you have a linear pitch curve in the mode you're using in your transmitter. I have less pitch in negative in normal mode to avoid sucking dirt into the heli while spooling up and I had trouble setting enpoints for my throttle servo until I figured that out.

Also I'm using an analog servo for throttle on one of the birds and on the bench at least it's working ok.

As a last note the 8FG you use in the vids has a gov mode where you can set directly RPM instead of %. I couldn't get it to match target RPM as seen in the Vbar. Any idea? That would be neat to input RPM directly into the tx without having to hook up the heli to the PC
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