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Originally Posted by HiroboFreak View Post
I didn't watch the video yet, but will the VBar (sats) remain compatible??
Spektrum have changed the data protocol that is output from the DSMx sats so they currently do not work with VBAR.

I am sure Ulrich from the Vstabi team will release a firmware update in the near future which will address this issue.

Originally Posted by futurase View Post
First thing that comes to mind with DSMX being so much more robust they say. I wonder when there are DSMX sats if that will solve the "High Res" problem so we can run it again???
I would say more than likely it will not be an issue with the DSMx sats as the latest DSM sats seem to work ok in Hi Res mode.

We would of course need to test it to be 100% certain.
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