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Should be an interesting setup since I am using the KDS gyro with a field programmer that allows me to set virtually every parameter. Hopefully they are compatible. On hindsight I probably should have gone with a much less sophisticated gyro on my first ground up build that more guys are familiar with. As it is I am kind of on my own. Shouldn't be to tough though. Set the bandwidth, set the orientation, set the gain of the gyro in its various modes, and set the gyro to limit servo travel and speed, and finally set the servo center in the gyro. And while I am at it go through my Ice 50 again just to make sure it is still setup correctly. Right about now I would just about kill for a DX7 or 8 channel TX to have that extra ability to switch between the two flight modes on the FM instead of just fooling it with gain settings on my DX6i. Since this kind of defeats the purpose of having AVCS on the gyro which complicates things since I have to use the gain settings for another purpose. And my custom aluminum head had to have the swash reversed which threw another twist into the pot. Really though once I wrapped my head around the correlation of the field programmer language compared to the setup procedure you lined out in the intro it wasn't so bad. I had it running correctly in no time.
Just as a second thought here, have you played with the SK720 yet?
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