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Exclamation DX8 | Rudder Channel Centering Poll

I am keen to understand more about rudder channel centering on the DX8. I have been having issues with this, and want to see how widespread this is.

The poll above is about the % variation that DX8 owners are seeing. You can find the centering values on the "monitor" screen.

Please also post about any large variations you may have had in flight or in testing. I have seen up to a 12% variation in the rudder channel centering (which tends to be an issue with a FBL system).

thoughts on experiences appreciated.

From the Dx8 manual:
The Monitor screen displays the servo positions for each channel graphically and numerically. This is useful to verify programming functions, trim settings, mix directions, etc. The numeric value is directly relative to the travel adjust and mix values (e.g., 100% travel adjust equals 100% value in the Monitor).
To Access the Monitor screen
With the transmitter on and the main or telemetry screen displayed, press the roller. The Function list will display.Rotate the roller to highlight Monitor then press to access.
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