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The correct way with 3 axis gyros is to not use trim or subtrim and level the swash with the cyclic servo rods and get 0* pitch.

I have been running my stock blade grip bearings with the bronze side pointing out. This puts max load on the solid side of the bearing and forces the cage into the bearing. So far about 20 flights and 12 or so crashes trying to do flips and inverted. Bearings are still in great shape even after having to replace the feathering shaft. Many crashes into concrete, rocks, fences and grass.

Still trying to get the settings right so it doesn't spin out of control on flips. You gotta fly this thing with finese It don't like brute force.

Gotta love it though, I would have gone through $50 in parts on my Walkeras with these crashes. Toll is messed up canopy nose (fixed with tape), bent feathering shaft, deformed tail blades (straightened), main gear pops down and twists on shaft (remove and press back on), blades tore up and cracked (glued cause on trailing edge and rebalanced with tape) priceless


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Several BNF helis seemed to have been shipped with a significant amount of negative pitch at mid stick. Use pitch sub-trim on your TX to achieve 0 pitch at mid-stick.
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Surprised to see no mention of lubricating the feathering shaft. It should freely slide side to side.

The covered side of the bearing should face outwards for the trex 250 bearings.

Maybe this is the true cause of the issue? On the stock bearings, the copper colored plating should be on the inside facing each other. Could it be that someone at the assembly plant was not paying attention? If put the wrong way, the races will slip off since the lips are not high enough on one side. A low lipped side is needed to assemble new bearings.

There's also a possibility that the feathering shaft is too short. This might explain why some people felt notchy grips on a brand new MCP x. This would also cause premature bearing failure since the feathering shaft screw would act as a press - partially pressing out the inner bearing race during assembly at the factory.
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RTF M2 also shipped with significant negative pitch at mid stick. The only recourse with the noncomputerized radio in the RTF is to increase the length of the three servo arms (arms already hooked at the top hole). Maxing out the trim did not bring the pitch to zero at mid stick.
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It took 36 clicks here...
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