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Originally Posted by dbennettya View Post
The correct way with 3 axis gyros is to not use trim or subtrim and level the swash with the cyclic servo rods and get 0* pitch.


I would normally agree, but here was my issue. Mine showed up from the factory with approx -4 degrees pitch at mid-stick. I had to add 60 clicks pitch sub-trim. Initially at mid-stick, the servos were only 3/8 up on travel (not in the center). If I would have adjusted links, the swash would have raised, but the servos would remain at 3/8 up the track and thus, be binding on the low end. After a sub-trim adjustment, at mid-stick, I was at 0 pitch at mid-stick and the servos were centered.

As an FYI- my other solution would have been to disassemble the servos and re-center.
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