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Originally Posted by Twinsen View Post
Mine won't change pitch or move the swash while the blades are moving. If the blades aren't moving it will, but often with a good amount of lag. Say a full second or two. Also the tail motor kicks out quite a bit. Because of these things, it has never gotten off the ground. All I can do is bring the throttle up, then cut it when it starts to tip over.

The thing wouldn't bind for 5 or 6 tries. I've bound 1 MSR, another MSR 3 times, 2 4Sites twice each, and a Vapor twice. All on the first try, because it's dead simple.
Remove the links going to the blade grips. Rotate the grips by hand and feel for any notchiness in the bearings. If so, dissassemble the head but leave the rubber dampers in their respective pockets on the rotor head. Looking from the top directly over the rotor head, the dampers should be close to flush with the outer edges of their pockets, if not they can and will cause binding since the whole grip assembly mounts against them.

On the otherhand, the dampers must not be so thin that it causes the brass step washer to fall inside the pocket. If so this will elminate the dampers purpose.
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