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Originally Posted by chopman View Post
Mine has an issue with the aileron channel not centering. It will start to flicker anywhere up to 14%. I wrote Horizon europe about this and the tech told me to disconnect the cable to the aileron pot and connect it again. I did and the problem went away.
One week later it reappeared, I repeated the procedure and put a bit of WD40 on the contact. This time it worked for 4 weeks. I did one last try and scraped the contacts a bit to make sure there was no oxide and making sure the connector was well seated. I will see how long it lasts this time. Next time it happens I will probably send it back.

So it seems the pot itself is not the issue but rather oxide forming on the connector.
Thanks for your post. I had/have the exact same issue, I reconnected the ail cable just now and the monitor says 0 aileron all the way up the throttle range. I'll just add that you need to push a toothpick or something into the tiny holes on the side of the socket to release the plug, as I did not realise at first.
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