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Hi Guys

I have exactly the same issue too, spoke to horizon in the uk. Very helpful and gave me some really good news ! NOT!

Ok there is an issue with these DX8 pots. The DX8 is not made by JR like the DX7 series was and unfortunately the quality of the internals (i.e Pots and PCB) are not that good. They are cheap carbon film pots and the normal returns policy is to just swap them out like for like.

So horizon get spares that are just that ....the same spares. Its not an upgrade or anything ( you would have thought they would have upgraded the pots to a nice metal film or higher quality pot).

My heli survived - it did a 90 deg piro on me after the DX8 on the rudder failed it started of with just the rudder a tiny of bit of drift at 3-8% off centre. Then went and put in about 10-15% which did the deed.

Then i noticed the Cyclic also had odd things happening 2-3% variation too.

The guy at Horizon agreed with me and we both agreed that i would be better of buying a new DSX9 for reliability - so that's what i have just done.

He also told me that the DX7 was a superb reliable and basic TX with little or no returns. (again made by JR).

So lets see how we get on with DSX9 MK2 ?.
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