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Epic fail on the feathering shaft IMO. If the solid end was ony a phillips design it would help 200% in strength lol.

Since I snapped of one of the "ears" with a screwdriver, loosening it, I wonder the chances of it shattering or possibily bending under centrifugal force. That would send the grip a' flyin' for sure. Compared the grips to my trex 250 and they are roughly the same size! (trex is slightly longer) but the trex feathering shaft is like 4x the size of the mCPx, with a screw on BOTH sides!!

Also tried to use 4 step washers but the shaft would need to be 1mm or so longer for that to work.

Please listen horizon, or micro heli, or generic CNC manufacturer!

With that out of the way and the repair done, I've hovered it through a couple more packs with an OEM feathering shaft installation and learned the handling better today, I am really liking this heli. I agree with others, it does not have raw brushless power to dump the collective full down to full up, but like the mSR is just needs simple careful inputs to perform pretty well.

BTW the mSR tail/motor/fin looks identical to to this except the mCPx boom is about an inch longer, may need to try a boom on my mSR
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