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I think i am lucky so far with no issues on the pots but have been pissed at the fact that the silver on the bezel at the top has worn through after a few weeks of usage to thin a coat of paint. But anyway back to the issue on hand, i think it is absurd that if your pots go or tend to start going that you send the unit back and they install new pots but the exact same bad quality ones they put in the radios in the first place. Car manufacturers would never get away with stuff like that, can you imagine, "not to worry sir the brakes that failed on you that nearly made you kill someone will be sorted out the minute you return your car so we can put a brand new pair of faulty brakes in for you, just let us know how it goes in the future oh and buy the way safe driving". I think horizon should stop wasting there money by replacing with the same junk pots they used in the first place and do a complete recall and sort the problem out once and for all, also not to mention the time and money that people have had through actual crashes caused by this problem. I think they are getting off lightly based on the type of hobby and that its a given people will crash, so what if its a crash caused from a crappy pot.
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