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Default New to DX8..a few questions


Well I went out ant got myself a new DX8 and a mcp x, this is my first computer radio and CP heli.

Well flying the heli is easy but this radio, well there is a lot to learn etc.

1. In the settings menu "Trainer" what is that meant to be set on to be used with Phoenix slave, inhibit etc? I have notice that while I have the radio displayed while flying stunt mode isn't lit up?

Atm I only have the mcp x heli profile which inhibits the gyro and Governor, I am aware that the electronics on the mxp x do the mixing. Do I need to create another heli profile with those two enabled for it to work right with Phoenix?

2.I have also kept a close eye on the forums regarding this radio and it's issues. The unit I have has the the DSM2 logo on it with the new 2.01 firmware, the first thing I did was to go to the monitor screen and see if my sticks were centered.

The only channel that is off center is the Throttle channel, centered reads 17% positve travel states 100%

Is this an issue and if so how do I fix it?

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