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Originally Posted by tracknoob View Post
Well, someone else will have to pitch in then -- I don't know anything about that oddball radio!
After reading through the manual for the mCP X, I found my problem, so I figured I'd post it for others in case they run into the same issue. I have no clue how it happened, but somehow my helicopter was in "computer transmitter mode." (see page 7 of the manual)

The binding procedure needs to be repeated as per page 7 (below)
1. Disconnect the flight battery from the helicopter.
2. Power of the TX
3. Connect the battery to the helicopter and wait at least 5 seconds (blue LED will flash quickly)
4. Hold down the trainer button and power on the radio (be ready to do the next step quickly)
5. After the TX LEDs flash twice, push the rudder stick fully to the left.
6. Release the trainer button while still holding left rudder
7. Once the LED on the heli goes to steady blue, release the rudder stick
8. Push the trainer button one more time
9. Disconnect the battery and power down the TX.
10. Turn on the TX, plug in the heli's battery and you should be good to go.
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