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Okay, I hate to even mention this, because frothy arguments may ensue, but for the sake of the hobby and science...

This mechanical sliding contact with a wiper arm and strip is a pretty flaky proposition at it's best, especially if left open to the elements (not hermetically sealed).

Most of you might not be old enough to remember fiddling with TV tuner knobs and channel selectors, and needing contact spray, which was only a temporary fix, and left gunk of it's own behind.... or cleaning slot car or electric locomotive contacts with a pencil eraser...

Anyhow, back in the day (maybe 15 or 20 years ago?) there was a product that was AGRESSIVELY (and I mean AGGRESSIVELY) marketed directly to managers of repair shops, and to engineering and maintenance departments... I was somehow given a sample of it, and it struck me at the time as likely just snake oil, but there were (and probably are) slavish devotees to this stuff's effectiveness not only as a 'cleaner' of sketchy mechanical contacts, but also as an 'enhancer' of electrical conduction and long term life of the contact, including back when we used a lot of socketized ICs, and plug in PCBs in card cages. It supposedly would lower life cycle maintenance costs due to faulty contacts. That was the pitch, anyway.

The stuff was called "Stabilant 22" and I have no idea, frankly, if it's the best thing since sliced bread, or a total snake oil job.

I do know I have a mCPX with chattering servos, and occasional low grade shaking fever.

I also think I kept that vial of stuff in some drawer around the shop or the house, and can try it out (I have a new mcpx coming if things go wrong!) and I can't think of a more direct and obvious test of whether it can work not only as a 'cleaner' and short term 'enhancer' but whether it can also keep these things going longer term than 'dry'.

I frankly don't hold out a lot of hope that it will be the salvation for the shakes or mcpx servo jitter, but I'm ready to experiment.
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