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1. As someone asked, yes, I suppose that it is indeed possible that this stuff will attract dust, debris, and small reptiles. I don't know. It is clear, but highly viscous in the form that I have it. Apparently they normally cut it to 1-10% active stuff to alcohol carrier, but I have stuff that is about like glycerin or 30 wt. oil in character, only perfectly clear. And I slathered it on -- might as well go for broke!

2. Use a pencil to rub these contacts? Eek, not me! Look, rub a pencil eraser across a clean mirror or glass table. Then wipe. Wipe again. Wipe harder. Unless you use cleaner or alcohol, the streak of stuff gummy residue will remain behind. No way I'm going that route.

Here are some photos of my just completed Stabilent 22 servo application mission:

The mystery goop stands ready for duty:

Awfully nice of someone at HH assembly to pre-strip one of the servo screws.... the *tiny* servo screws... I had to use a needle nose to get this out, since all it would do is turn and turn.

So tiny in fact, that I had to break out the real Geek-ware to be able to see and work on this stuff - behold my free LED headlight, and be awed:

Not too pretty... this is after about three flight hours:

Can see where the individual metal 'whiskers' or 'fingers' run across the plates:

This is what I used to gently clean the strips and even more gently clean the whiskers - no left behind gunk, no lint, no particles, no fibers:

Another one... all three were similar:

Goop-ifying tool prepped and loaded:


And so, what is the result?

Whell, number one, it all went back together, and it works.


Swash levels itself, collective responds, bird flies, no visible shakes other than a slight wag that is directly related to the sound of the buzzing rear rotor speed hunting slightly, like rudder gyro gain is a tad high...

And the servo noise at standby? Well, not as noisy. But then, I think that could easily be acoustical damping from the viscous material, as well as a bit of lubrication now that it is wetted in there. But there is still a very noticeable noise, below a buzz, and not a chatter, but it is constant when idle, and it does change a bit if you pick the bird up by hand to move it. Can't tell what they sound like in flight, due to motor and rotor noises... movement is smooth, but then it always was.

So at least it passes the 'do no immediate harm' hurdle, but gonna have to wait and see if there is any long term effect, for good or for ill.

It is NOT a instant servo chatter fixer-upper, though.
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