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Buy cheap and you will get cheap though.
I build all of my own packs.For almost a year now Ive been using 2000mah Sanyo eneloop cells.They are 3 bucks a piece.A little less if you buy a quanity of them but they still arent cheap.2 bucks for the lead unless you reuse the old one.And 25 cents for the shrinkwrap.So it costs me 26-27 bucks to build an 8 cell Tx pack.My LHS has some Eneloop Tx packs for I think its 32 bucks.Im pretty sure they come from Cermark.Im sold on the Eneloop(LSD) type cells.They may not be cheap but in the case of cells you do get what you pay for.Plus if you put them away for 6 months or more they will have pretty much the same charge as when you stored them.They do last alot longer than cells that will self discharge in storage.
Letting them sit and go dead doesnt completely kill a NiMh like it would a LiPo but it does take the life out of them.I havent used them long enough to say for certain but Sanyo claims 5 good years and 1000 cycles.Ive found that others last 2 or 3 years tops and they are getting wimpy.
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