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Originally Posted by GT86 View Post
I bought a replacement pack that used Sanyo Eneloops instead. Easier than going with a lipo, and the charge lasts a lot longer than the stock one. You can still use the wall-wart charger, and you don't have to modify anything in the tx.

I forget where I got it, but you can also just buy the Eneloops, then pick up an 8-cell AA size battery holder at Radio Shack and solder on the plug.
Good move.I prefer them over LiPos anyday.You wont be disappointed.
Im not a big fan of the spring clip type battery holders.Every one of the contacts is a point of failure.Plus if you bump them in the right direction the cells can move towards and compress the spring allowing loss of contact on the other end.For something that important I would always opt for soldered or hard connected cells.
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