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I'm not sure I know what to think.
I picked up an MCP-X on Saturday.

I setup the heli with my JR-9503. No problems there.
Checking things out in throttle hold showed no elevator servo movement. I swapped the plug with an aileron/pitch servo and the elevator servo is dead. The main board and the other servos are Ok.

Humm... Then I started checking the other things out as outlined in this thread. The feathering shaft screw was LOOSE. When I looked in the slotted side, what's this? The stinking bearing was tilted. I put my small slotted screwdriver in there and pulled out the bearing race!!!!

Well, I left Horizon an email about the servo. I don't know if they automatically require you to ship it in or if they will talk to you about sending parts.
I haven't left an email yet about the bearing.

I haven't even been able to spool this thing up yet!!
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