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Originally Posted by RocketSled View Post
OK, I give up. What "3D" switch? If you mean flight mode, that's purely a transmitter function, how the throttle and pitch curves behave with respect to each other and the collective stick - the receiver has no way of knowing the transmitter is using a different set of curves, it's all just throttle and pitch values.

Now, if you meant "3D" switch in terms of it being next to the "Never Crash" switch, then I guess I might understand your meaning.

And of course, now I'm going to have to get up and put a battery in my CP, and then hold it upside down and see what happens... Well... I did. And it could care less that it's upside down. You probably already knew that, but now I do too.
3D switch, idle up, or stunt mode... all used synonymously. I dont know how (three axis gyro detecting its upside down?)or why (keep from doing more damage to your heli?), but in the mCPx manual, page 11 under troubleshooting; Problem: Powers off when flying upside down (inverted), Possible Cause: Stunt Mode off. Solution: When flying, switch stunt mode to ON/1 before flying inverted. I tested mine with a DX7 set up stock per the manual and it sorta piros to the ground with the motor rapidly slowing to a stop... it shuts the motor off.
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