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Default i did it o no

wil i got the lil bugger today ... if was upto me i would do a total recall ... this is a poor helio to me to send out ... out of box flew nice was having ablast .. knowing ahead of time all the issues .. but hey we all jump dont we ..

HH you need to do something more then pump out junk as such .. what if some kid gets this thing and has it near face or even adult and blade comes off .. bang in EYE kid scared for life ...

SAFTEY where is it here ???? .......

cheaper to recall then to pay a laysuit one would think ... worse case yes but lordy lordy .
so here i go again calling HH and gettin them to send me the parts .. lets see 300 calls later 4 helios .. 1 sr120 2 mcpx one mines one friends .. and SR .. trex ?? mmmm looking good from here ..

sorry had to rant n rave somewhere lol
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