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The disk wobbles after you add some (not much) collective, it has never been crashed. I only have about 4 flights on it now and it seems like it is head speed related. Funny thing is when I go from normal to idle up there is not any change in head speed with the stock settings on a Dx6i. I lowered the throttle curve in normal a bunch just to see if I could hear it change going into idle up and it does but not as much as I would think. The head speed seems lower than by buddies running a DX7.

I checked the main gear and nuts on the servo and all is good. Seems to be getting better with time.

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There are a few threads going in the mCPX forum with suggestions including these:

Some basic things to check are that the main gear is oriented properly (i.e. not spun on the shaft, the flat spots should line up), the main gear is pushed all of the way up on the main shaft (NO vertical play in the main shaft), and that te retaining nuts on the servos are not backed off.

I had a relatively light crash into grass from 6-10 inches that spun the main gear on the shaft and before I figured that out I had intermittent shakes as I was hovering. Once I fixed that it went away.

I would search the mCPX forum for additional vibration related threads and you'll likely find a lot of information. It would also be helpful to have a more detailed description of the symptoms you are seeing and when they occur.
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