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hello all

i dont read this as a bash thread, more like a beta thread.

I have about 12 batteries worth of flying over tallish backyard grass. On the 4th the blade grip gave out, replaced and no issues since. 13th was a broken rear swash ball. Finally got my new swash installed and did a preflight check (gear on shaft, grips on, battery charged, blades not to tight or to loose etc).
idle up and notice a vibration at about 55% stick but it went away, now at full stick and no lift. It didn't lean to either side, just sat there at WOT. Like if it was at 0 pitch. Then without warning it pops up like a rocket and shoots off to the left. WTH! No stick inputs and no time to throttle hold.
Ok so now i need another swash, another blade grip, a new blade, new tail boom and canopy. It hit my drywall so hard that I have to patch it as well.

I'm a little disappointed, being in Canada HH is a pain to talk to. I sent off an email but I can only imagine that will be a few weeks.

Anyone have thoughts?
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