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Default Cutting & Folding - Quick Overview

mCPx Paper Canopy - Quick Cutting and Folding Guide

This post shows the "details" of cutting and folding the paper canopy pdf documents contained in the first post.
(I will attach a pdf instruction sheet as part of the first post later)

Cutting: Cut out the perimeter and the solid lines of the darts.

(click on picture to view full size, or click on thumbnails at bottom of post)
Folding the Darts: Fold the solid line of the darts over top of the dashed line.

The middle dart is done in 2 steps. First the windshield overlaps right on top of left, then above the windshield overlaps left on top of right.
Folding the Nose: Make a gentle bend along the dotted line at the bottom.

Then fold the tabs under the nose.

Fold the "solid" side over to the dotted line of the other side.

If done properly, the two sides will "lock" together.

My Method to Glue: I love dollar store crazy glue. You know, the stuff with 4 small tubes in a pill bottle? To get the initial shape, I use scotch tape on the inside of the canopy . Now I can "open up" the front side enough to put a thin film of crazy glue on the dart. Press down and let the crazy glue do its thing! A thin film hardens instantly on photo paper.
  • Note 1: Tape each dart and glue, before going to the next dart - I work from the 2 side darts, then the windshield, then the top middle dart.
  • Note 2: After gluing the 2 side darts, I glue in another small piece of photo paper to strengthen the mounting holes.

For the nose, I hold the nose "shut" and spray accelerator into the inside of the nose. I then drop 3 drops of crazy glue onto the tabs and the seam.

Drilling the Mounting Holes: A 1/16" drill bit, spun by hand seems to work really well.

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