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Is it feasible to use subtrim to shift the zero point of the servo and then mechanically adjust the ball link to get the swash back to level? These servos seem to have plenty of travel so it seems like you could subtrim quite a bit without binding them. This would force the servo wipers to operate (at least partially) in a different section of the resistor. You'd have to have enough thread on the ball link rod and it might take a bit of work to re-level the swash but.....just a thought to try and get as much time/use out of the servos as possible.

Edit/addition. I suppose the easiest way to do it would be to adjust all three ball links at the same time and by the same amount, then reset your mid-stick pitch to zero using the pitch subtrim. This way you wouldn't have to guess at how many turns you need just on one link/servo.

Actually, that is a great idea for extending the life of the servos and decreasing the cleaing interval. That won't help me with my current problem, because It is causing the heli to jump whenever I am in that section of servo travel, but I think I'll try making that a preventative maintenance item from now on.
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