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Default newbe with a blade sr

I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if my question has been asked over and over again.

I can fly the blade cx2 successfully, so I "upgraded" to the Blade SR.
I managed to hover for a short time on my first flight. That session ended in a crash that broke the frame. A local hobby shop rebuilt it.
The second flight ended the same way. I bought a cnc frame and had the hobby guys fine tune everything to make sure that it was flight ready.
The next flight didn't go well either, resulting in a bent tail boom.
Yesterday's flight wasn't good. I had a few brief moments of hovering until a crash bent the boom again.
My local hobby guy says that the SR is a very good copter. He thinks that I would have better luck on a Blade 400. He says that the 400 would handle the learning curve much better.
I really want to be able to fly these things, but need to experience at least SOME success.

what do yall think? Would a different copter be easier to learn on?
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