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Originally Posted by VaderSS View Post
I originally had to put in 58 clicks of positive sub-trim, and never had any binding. I later adjusted the links so that I would not need subtrim. Ironically, it is in the region that the servo lived when the links were "too short" that is now where it is glitching.

Without thinking about it, I had put your method to use.

I think that is why I got so many flights in before it started glitching.
That is ironic! So with 58 clicks that must have been maybe 4 turns on each ball link? About how many flights did you have before you adjusted the links? You said you had/have a total of about 100 so I'm curious if it was about 50/50.

I unscrewed each ball link 2 full turns to get rid of my original 32 clicks of pitch subtrim. I think I could perhaps go one more turn. Then, from there, if you could go 4-6 turns in and not bind (or run out of thread) the wear could be distributed a bit at least although it would still overlap near the middle of the servo. I'm not doing a lot of full range pitch stuff, I'm not that skilled yet, so moving the center/hover/basic FF pitch point a little bit one way or the other might be enough to help prolong the life.
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