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Usually the bigger a helicopter is, the easier it is to hover. Flying it around won't be a HUGE difference from one machine to another when it comes to the principles, but there will be a difference in how they react to your inputs depending on the quality, components etc. I started CP helis with a Blade SR as well, looking back, I wish I would have saved a couple hundred more and gotten the Blade 400. While neither machine is alot to RAVE about, I think they are both good training helis and the 400 RTF gets you a transmitter that I ended up going out and buying anyway. The SR is far simpler in that it has a motored tail rather than a belt and the setup of that alone makes it much easier to dive into this hobby. I don't believe it's your machine that's holding you back so much as perhaps you may have expected the heli to behave differently, more stable maybe. I know I did, and I crashed fairly quickly with mine as well. But, with patience, the help of others on this site and practice, I got the hang of hovering. Only thing I can suggest is get a SIM!!! While it may not translate every aspect of flying these things directly to real life experience, it will give you foundational muscle memory to make the multiple stick corrections required to get hovering. I didn't think I would need a sim at first, but after crashing three or four times and spending as much as a decent sim in repairs, I got one and was a great help. Keep in mind that the SR is a collective pitch and by it's very nature requires CONSTANT input/correction to keep it in a decent hover. A fixed pitch heli (like your coax cx2) is self stabilizing for the most part. Compare it to a ball and a bowl. Flying a fixed pitch is like balancing the ball inside the bottom of the bowl, not much work there. Flying collective pitch is like taking the ball out of the bowl, turning the bowl over and balancing the ball on the bottom of the upside down bowl. A little more difficult... I encourage you to stick with your SR, you already have it and it really can be used for the basics quite well. Jump into the SR forum if you have any questions, there's alot of helpful guys there. Good luck and have fun!!
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