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Well, what I can say is that this hobby is rewarding. Not cheap, but rewarding. So often it seems success is completely out of reach, but with patience, time and practice, I've found I have acheived every goal I set for myself. Granted they aren't huge goals, but never-the-less, goals. There can be a huge difference between the sim and real flight, especially with the SR. If I may ask you a few questions, do you have the flybar weights on and where are they? Are you using high or low dual rates? If you're flying OK on the sim but it's not translating for you, it's quite likely your heli isn't responding quite the same way. I know alot of other SR owners who find with the stock setup that they are really chasing the heli around as it is sluggish to respond when you get into some trouble. If you feel your heli isn't responding the way you would like, PM me and I can throw you a few pointers to make it a bit better representation of what you may be experiencing on the sim. You'll get it, just need some time
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