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Originally Posted by VaderSS View Post
Re-cleaned my servos and I still have a glitch on the port servo. There is a spot where it won't move as the sticks are moved, and then it jumps to the correct position after the sticks have been moving.

I wound up setting 100 points of positive pitch sub-trim and then adjusting the links to give zero at mid-stick, so I am out of that glitch area for normal indoor flight.

I will try to rebind tonight, but don't have much hope for it. I have replacement servos coming, so will fly it like this until they come. I believe I just need to replace one, and will keep the others as spares.

Before and after below.
Well it's good to know you can use 100 clicks although it's too bad you can't get it cleaned and fixed!

I'm intrigued by your description of the issue (bolded above). It sounds almost more like some sort of mechanical binding to me than it does an electrical/resistor issue. If there were a dead spot in the pot I'd sort of expect the servo to just die at that point and then not move any more until you manually moved it away from there by turning the little gears by hand. Alternatively, if it was dirty I'd expect the noisy, jumpy, jittery behavior originally described by Chris H. Have you looked at the mechanics of the servo (drive gear, lead screw etc) closely to see if there is a small burr, dirt, damage etc?

If anyone doesn't have a magnifiers the ones at the link below are inexpensive and work pretty well. They'd be nicer with LED lights but that can be changed if necessary!
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