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As far as a heli to learn on? Blade mSR..mainly cause it's tough, and fairly cheap.
And of course your SIM.


Hold up!!! Back Up!!!

NOWHERE did I hear the word "Training Gear" in your post.

The First Commandment: Thou SHALL have training gear!

Get the proper training gear, put it on and leave it on until you can do ALL of the following:
Get each one down solid (run out of batteries) before you move on.

1.Get the bird "light on the skids" but STILL on the ground, and keep it in one place with no movement. Don't move on until you can do this.
Then practice 2d movements: move left,right, forward, back, nose left, nose right.

Then move to LOW altitude (knee-high MAX) practice.

2. Hover tail-in (do this A LOT), at nose left, nose right, and nose in, for 30 seconds EACH.

3. Fly in circles,keeping the tail facing you , in both directions. REAL circles. Not something that looks like a broken egg.

4. Turn right 45 degrees and fly to your right at 45 degrees for about ten feet. Slowly turn left, and do the same thing.

When all these things are ROCK SOLID then, try them SHOULDER HIGH.

THEN..and ONLY then, take off your training gear, and re-start at Number 2.

We all "get it" that you want to paint the sky, but SIM time is just that: a simulation.
Without lots of time on the basics, you'll only wind up painting the grass,and doing LOTS of repairs. FUN...but not THE fun.

We all know where you're at.We've all been there.

Preparation, Practice, Patience.

The root cause of ALL crashes: Lack of preparation.
If it's too nice to throw around, SELL IT!
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