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Default Very happy with mine

My first collective pitch was the CP Pro 2. I crashed it a few times before I took it and had a friend who works at the hobby shop I bought it from take a look. It needed quite a few minor adjustments. Because of that experience I gave my Blade 400 a thorough once over before flight. The MCPx I bought as a cheap next step to learning 3d, flight sim being the first. I flew it twice right out of the box without going over things. One flight tapped the couch and popped the linkage off. After that, I gave it a once over to check tightness and proper adjustment. I don't remember now what I had to do, but going over things got me to 20 flights without any crashes or other problems. None of those flights were attempting 3d, but I absolutely throw the copter around. Flight 21 started trying to learn to fly inverted and that flight, and the next three, only resulted in one broken linkage, and the linkage popping off once. Flight 25 resulted in a broken ball joint on that rear ball joint, which ended the day. I repaired the ball joint and fabricated a new arm that has a C in it so that it can flex instead of transferring all the force on to the ball joint.

Don't plug the battery in all the way. If you crash, it has a good chance of unplugging the battery before you can flip the switch.

After every 10 flights:
Check the feathering spindle screws
Check the blade grip tightness

After every crash:
Check the main motor, if you have too much slop, push the gear up the main shaft.
Check your blade grip tightness
Check your swashplate links (but this should be obvious)

Just the thoughts of a novice pilot
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