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My mCPX has this HORRIBLE wobble and the servo seems to be twitching more than normal around mid-stick with the throttle hold on. The thing is almost impossible to fly/hover because it kind of goes where it wants to. i finally got it in a hover and it was in fact, wobbling so badly the landing gear vibrated off! also, I have noticed along with this vibration/wobble, the tail seems to not hold as if the gyro was not in heading-lock mode. is this also a typical symptom of this vibration? I know the tail motor is good. It spools up when rotated to counter act, and spools up when the stick is pushed right. My other question is when you take apart this servo to clean it, do you have to worry about re centering it, or does it automatically re-center when powered up? thanks for the help. p.s. aside from slightly banged up blades, as said in the beginning of the post, EVERYTHING else has been gone through. Main gear (Up and Turned), feathering shaft, blade grips, etc. thanks again
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