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Hey! I started flying CP with an SR also, coming from an mSR. I would say the 400 won't help you progress at this point so stick with the SR until you are able to fly, then think about upgrading. The SR is pretty tough and will take some light crashes, it is a bit easier cheaper to maintain/rebuild than a 400 too. One thing I learned with the SR, it is not any easier to fly than a 400/450, but if you can fly it you can fly anything.

You are already using a sim, which is good. What kind is it? Does it allow you to adjust the stability? If you are easily flying the sim then adjust the stability down. I use phoenix which I think is excellent. Phoenix has a model for the SR in it.

Also, training gear already mentioned. Good for beginning to hover. I didn't get on with training gear as I kept looking at the balls and sticks rather than the disk. If you use training gear dont watch the balls, stick to watching the disk or the mast. Reason being that the mast and disk move ahead of the model first, balls and sticks move behind the model.

I think nobody has yet mentioned Radds school of rotory flight. This is highly recommended for beginners.

I would say not to worry about nose in just yet. Intro has suggested a rather comprehensive and different training plan which will last you a while. Don't try any nose in until you are totally comfortable with tail in and side in hovering. You'll also need to start feeling comfortable having the heli away from you and up higher before you try nose in, I would suggest.

I'm debating the recommendation to keep the training at knee height and doing circles, nose in etc. You will need to get the heli out of ground effect at least, and for the more complex stuff like nose in I would say getting up high will give you space to make errors and recover.

Personally I'd suggest keeing it low for basic hovering, and get comfortable hovering it gradually higher and higher until you are at about 10 feet or so, then move on from the tail in hover to things like side in, nose in, forward flight etc.

Good luck, stick with it, and try to see rebuilding the heli as part of the learning curve. It is a stretch to say it is a fun part of the hobby for me, but I know some really enjoy this aspect.
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