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Originally Posted by joezasada View Post
I found a fix for the blade grip bearings

My LHS didn't have the trex250 bearings so I had to improvise...

take the two brass washes in between the blade grip inner bearings and the head in the middle, and put them on the end of the feathering shaft just under the screws
this will take the centrifugal stress off the outer bearings.
I had one crash from a bad outer gip bearing; after doing this I've not had that issue (20+ flights). As well, it doesn't seem to affect the moveability of the blade grips.
I have got most of the slop out of the head and My mCPX is flying very well at the moment.

I am still on the original bearings and I did the above mod which has the added benefit of stopping your tiny flat head screwdriver from digging into the bearing when it slips off the flat head screw while trying to tighten it up. Then I chopped a 001 Flurosilicone o-ring in half and put them where the brass washer was originally. This type of o-ring is very soft and squishy and has caused no binding of the bearings, but has tightened the grips up a little. Note you will have to shave the end of the blades a little to get them to fit into the grip after doing the above washer mod because the blade grip sits inward on the spindle now.

I put a couple of 003 Flurosilicone o-rings in the center of the head to give some more dampening. Also I put one 001 o-ring on each swash ball. . Now the only place to have slop is the center of the swash. I am going to try to wick some CA in there to tighten it up, but that slop is not causing any bobbling or anything like that.
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