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I had a tough time getting my mCPx flying right the first day or two, but now the thing fly's like a champ. I also had the negative pitch problem out of the box, but what was really weird is that it would go back to zero pitch after a crash. Then after another crash it would go back to negative pitch. This occurred 3-4 times. I ended up making the mechanical adjustment, which was approximately 3 turns out on all 3-cyclic ball-links. Now it stays relatively correct at zero pitch center stick.

I haven't had bearing problems yet at all. I've got 30-40 flights on it. I've been able to do quite a few 3D moves pretty well. I've pummeled the thing relentlessly indoors and out. It definitely is preferable to fly this over grass.

I did stuff it really good yesterday on grass and when I got it back together and ready to fly one of the servos wouldn't operate properly. Upon further inspection, it turned out that the little servo motor had backed out of position and the servo gears were no longer making contact. I was able to slide the little motor down again and make it work OK.

I've spent $20 on parts, but I'm trying to fix a broken boom without buying a new one. Hopefully it'll work. My biggest problem has been breaking tail-booms.

Right before I stuffed it yesterday I had the best flight on it so far. It was really quite amazing to see this little thing doing backwards & forward hurricanes, tail-down funnels, fig.8 funnels, piro-funnels. I haven't tried a tictoc or piroflip. I don't think it'll tictoc--not enough power. But it might be able to piroflip. All-in-all this is a pretty amazing little bird.

My suggestion is to hang in there guys. This thing takes a little getting used to. But it'll do quite a few of the things the big birds do. I'm sure HH will make everything right with all the problems. But you need to spend some time doing the basics before getting crazy, and definitely get this thing down before bringing in doors where the crashes are much worse. I already ruined the lampshade on my wife side of the bed--ouch!

BTW, mines BNF w/Dx7

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