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Originally Posted by silver2003tl View Post
New issue? Never flown, taken apart to do bearing mod and was waiting for the locktite to set. Sorry kind of long, feel free to jump to 1:00

I've had a few 3 Blade MSR in the past and have repaired them about 10x each, usually only when the main board dies it's done. My guess is the main board is defective, or some strange noise/interference/voltage sag from the motors.

Question, when you spin (with your finger) the main large, white, gear, does it jump teeth on the motor gear? Mine does. Is the motor supposed to be really that tight?
I am not sure what is wrong there, maybe I did not watch far enough. If you are worried about the swash movement then don't be. It is a flybarless system. So if you hold the heli still, as you are doing, the swash will act strange because the gyros are looking for movement in that direction and will hold that way until they feel it.
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