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I really agree with what's posted here. I went from CP to MSR to SR (and really learned to fly on it). Then I went to a B400, CopterX450 and Trex 500. By far the SR is the hardest to fly as it doesn't have the stability of the others but it also is fast, easy and cheap to repair. As was said, if you can fly the SR can fly anything. It forces you to stay ahead of it which is the key to flying.
I would spend time learning to fix it and look for the tricks that make it easier to repair (like using a B400 flybar to push out a bent feathering shaft).
I spent about a month on training gear and went through the RADD school (It's pretty obnoxious but it works) as well as all of Mikies courses on YouTube. The problem is that if you are zooming up to frame cracking heights and crashing, you aren't getting the stick time to develop the muscle memory and instinctive control input to learn to have it go where you intend to.
I still fly the SR a lot and then when I go to the bigger heli's (especially the 500) it's like having a Rolls Royce on the interstate. For my money, the SR is a great learner and a fun anytime helicopter. I'd take the courses, get the sim and the training gear and practice, practice, practice. At a point you notice that you aren't having to "think" your stick movements and then you're getting the hang of it. That's why I fly helicopters and don't golf at night.
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