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Default SR120 tail wiring + extended boom = less blowouts

Did the 1 inch solid CF rod extension for the tail boom like Gadflyii and others have used. Utilizing 2mm solid carbon rod. In the process I was looking at the tiny wiring thinking there has to be some serious resistance there. I looked at a broken SR120 boom I had laying around and saw the plug was almost exactly the same with a little thicker gauge wire.

Being careful to keep the red and now gold (instead of mcp black) colored wires plugged into the 5 in 1 properly, I soldered the other end directly to the tail motor wires.

Both mods done at the same time seemed to make a great improvement in the tail hold area.

Here is a boring vid of me flying in a strong cross breeze, and I am really trying to deliberately bog the head and blow out the tail. I still managed to really blow it out once, and as you can see, on hard flips, the nose will still rotate a few degrees. Now I don't have to feather the controls while flipping and I was hitting limits a lot. I have never been able to do that before. It sort of gives it more of a pop and lock attitude. Before the changes, I would have to slow down after 2:30 because of the tail. This was a hard 3:30 flight.


here is a pic of the stock wire (unplugged) vs the 120 SR wire.

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