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Originally Posted by g13b View Post
Doesnt seem like battery because it does it with both batteries now.
And when i press the trainer button definalty changes it to positive pitch and tries to pull it our of my hand with plenty of power.

Ive tried re binding it but nothing.

I havnt crashed it, the first flight was just basic hovering with a few piros.

Maybe i need to crash it ;-)
look at the bolded text - this is normally the case, if a non computerized TX hab been bound in computerized mode or vice versa (pos/neg pitch traversed).

I'd suggest trying to rebind it again and taking note of each single step (note that "GEAR full LEFT") while doing the binding proc. After final (thinks it's trainer button), your mCPX must be blinking (indicating TH-HOLD) if binding to "non computerized TX" has been successful.

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