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Default Bad mCP x Experience

I bought an SR at my LHS. They popped a battery in it, fired it up, adjusted the blade tracking, and flew it in the isle to make sure it was working correctly. Great service. Today, my 36 year old son stops by my work to show me his new purchase from the same LHS. Yep, an mCP x. I'd never seen one of these heli's before, so I got on HeliFreak to see what I could find. Man, was I impressed with the videos of this thing flying! Then I discovered some of the problems and the recall on the rotor head.

After work, I went to the LHS, and talked to the guy who sold it to my son. I asked him about the recall, and he gives me the "deer in the headlights look" and says all of the ones they have been getting were OK. I said did you check, and he says no. While driving home, I call my son and tell him not to fly it till I get there, and to check the blade grips for the "B". He doesn't think his has it. About 5 minutes later he calls me back and tells me the blades flew off of it and almost hit him. I said I thought I told you not to fly it, and he says all he did was spool it up while he held it in his hand. I think the screw came out that hold the blade grips on, but not sure. Needless to say we will both be visiting the LHS tomorrow, and returning this heli for one that is OK or a refund!
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